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澳方带队教师Fiona Henderson博士对学院的热情接待表示感谢。她说,维多利亚大学与中国多所大学之间有很好的合作关系,希望中澳师生之间有更多的机会交流学习,帮助学生积累教学经验,提升教学能力,开拓创新思维。

市教育局教育交流与教师培训处处长高建华向客人介绍了石家庄市近年来在教育方面的国际交流与合作情况,并对澳方学生提出三点期望:一是 “读万卷书,行万里路”,希望远道而来的澳方同学在石期间收获丰硕;二是“百闻不如一见”,希望澳方同学加深对中国的了解;三是“一回生二回熟”,希望澳方同学能以此为契机,常来中国学习、旅行以及工作!

欢迎仪式的最后,全体参会者合影留念。(供稿 办公室 胡晶安;编辑 李娜) 

Welcome Ceremony for Australia

“2018 New Colombo Students Mobility Program”

On the afternoon of Monday, 28th May, 2018, our university held a welcome ceremony for “2018 New Colombo Students Mobility Program” to welcome two teachers and nine students majoring in education from Victoria University, Australia. Relevant leaders and teachers attended the ceremony, including Xiaoju Zhang, member of CPC Committee and Assistant to the President of SUAT; Jianhua Gao, Director of Education Communication and Teachers Training Department of Shijiazhuang Education Bureau, Chenggang Zhang, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Shijiazhuang No. 42 Middle School, Jingmin Wang, Vice President of Dongfeng Primary School, and Mrs.Wei Li, also from Education Communication and Teachers Training Department of Shijiazhuang Education Bureau, and other teachers. Rongshen Pang, Director of Administrative Office of SUAT, hosted the welcome ceremony.

On behalf of SUAT, Xiaoju Zhang expressed a warm welcome to Australian guests and sincere appreciation to Shijiazhuang Education Bureau, Shijiazhuang No. 42 Middle School and Dongfeng Primary School for their great support. She hoped that the teachers and students from SUAT and Victoria University would establish a friendly relationship through the activities to be held in the following weeks, and that everybody could make efforts together to ensure 2018 New Colombo Students Mobility Program to be completed successfully.

Dr. Fiona Henderson, the leading teacher of Victoria University team, sincerely appreciated SUAT for its support in the program. Dr. Henderson said Victoria University has established stable cooperative relationships with some universities in China. She also wished that there would be more opportunities for teachers and students from Australia and China to learn from each other. She expected that this 2018 New Colombo Students Mobility Program could enhance the Australian students’ teaching experience and ability, and enrich their understanding of the Chinese culture.

Jianhua Gao, the Director of Education Communication and Teachers Training Department of Shijiazhuang Education Bureau, introduced the developing situation of international communication and cooperation in the field of Shijiazhuang Education in recent years. Mr. Gao also shared three old Chinese proverbs with the Australian students. Firstly, it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. He wished Australian students to gain a great harvest during their short-term study in Shijiazhuang. Secondly, seeing is believing. He wished Australian students to know profoundly about China through their own experience. Thirdly, first time strangers, second time friends. He expected that the Australian students would have more opportunities to study, travel and work in China in the future.





澳方带队教师Fiona Henderson博士对学院的热情接待表示感谢。